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Best BuySellAds Alternatives

At BuySellAds the main requirement to get accepted is that your blog should be having hundreds of thousands of visitors on your blog each month.

Though it is not always necessary that your blog gets thousands and thousands of visitors but it surely helps. Apart from the visitors, there is a complete list of requirements that your blog needs to be fulfilled in order to get approved. Even if your blog fulfills the requirements then there is no guarantee that your blog will get accepted.

So when you find it hard with BuySellAds, you can consider some of the best alternatives.


BlogAds is the best alternative of BuySellAds and is a very close competition to it. The network has been in the market from a very long time and boasts of a lot of advertisers.

They take 30% of your earnings and give you the remaining 70%. But seeing that some of the biggest blogs use BlogAds to sell advertising spaces on their blogs, you can give it a try.

  1. Smart light people Ads

Smart light people Ads has been growing popular with every passing day. To get accepted with Smart light people, you don’t need a blog with hundreds of thousands of visitors. Even if you have a comparatively low-traffic blog, you can get accepted in the network.

Not only will you get accepted easily but there are many advertisers in the network looking to advertise on such blogs because the audience is very much targeted on such blogs.


This is just a WordPress plugin that you can install on your blog to sell ad spaces very easily. It’s not the best marketplace as BuySellAds, but if you have a blog with highly targeted audience then you can make a great amount of money by selling various ad spaces using OIOPublisher.

It’s easy to create ad spaces and manage them.


This is one of the best ads selling networks and the best part is that it is extremely easy to get accepted with the network. They keep 20% of your income as commission and lets you fix the ad slots prices for as long as you want. Adsella has a large base of advertisers and publishers so you won’t be left out of opportunities so go now and give them a try.


With BuySiteAds, you can not only sell ads space on your blog but also get advertisers for Facebook and Twitter ads as well. Considering this, we can say that BuySiteAds is one of the best alternatives to BSA.


AdEngage boasts of a good amount of advertisers so if you are not getting accepted in any advertising network, then do try out AdEngage as well.

With AdEngage, you can sell the ad spaces on your blog in 2 different ways. One is Cost per Time basis, where you can sell the ad space for daily, weekly or monthly basis for a fixed amount of money. The other is Cost per Click which is similar to Google Adsense where you get paid for every click on the ads. They take 25% commission from your ad income.


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