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Father and son Academy World Factory Success Story

Congratulations are in order for father and son, John and Leonard, who have each gained the grade of Distinction in their respective AWF- Academy for online Learning courses. John, qualified as a Professional Bookkeeper and Payroll Manager by gaining Distinction in his examinations.

As a result of his dedication, hard work and outstanding grades, he was able to gain employment as an Accounts Administrator. According to him what he loved most on AWF course was the level of support he received from his instructor’s and tutor at the Academy World Factory. It made studying the course online enjoyable.

His son Leonard, saw how much he enjoyed studying by distance learning that he wanted to study a course too. He was preparing for his A-levels and choose AWFs Academic Writing.

For him this course could benefit him considering his career goals. He wanted to attend university and begin a degree in Journalism. Leonard decided Academic Writing would be very beneficial to his career dream at the university application. He letter on enrolled at Academy World Factor and now has completed the course and has a Certificate in the same.

John is now looking forward to enrolling on another short course with AWF on Bussiness now that he has specialized in book keeping.

Academy world factory provides an alternative to people who doesn’t have additional time or money to pursue training and courses on demand jobs, they also provide special training for businesses looking to train people.

This platform is unique in its own special way since it has a student’s event section for young and older students very similar to what a traditional tertiary institution offeres.Where students can create and join various groups or EVENTS online.

Get started to day for a successful story too.


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