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Smart Light People Ads Network Marketplace Review: Monetize Everything SLP ads Marketplace

Smart Light People Ads sends an email for Approval, Each time an advertiser buy an inventory this is because Smart Light People Ads and DFP talk via the API to regulate serving over a fixed 30 day period and they don’t add any frequency caps to the line item.

Trafficking is handled automatically. When you approve an ad, they create a Smart Light People Ads order in DFP and create a line item with the ad. Their seamless reporting is initiated by a seamless setup. All you have to do is link it to DFP using a few steps and set your prices on their interface.

Smart Light People is a very unique ad network that targets all countries and can be a great addition to your ad inventory. What makes it deferent is that it enables people to set the rates at which they want to sell their ad spaces, on their interface.

They take a 25% commission on any sales they make through the marketplace. Sometimes it may take a while for the advertisers to pick up on new inventory, but it shouldn’t be too long. Keep in mind that you have full control on the prices you set and deal directly with the advertisers.


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